Renaissance and Medieval Madrigals and Instrumentals

Anne Burns's Renaissance Instrument demo

For Senior Residences, Libraries, Churches, Retails, Community Education Classes, etc.


Catharine on viola da gamba, Jenni and Anne on recorders

Canzonet is a trio of ladies who sing Medieval and Renaissance songs. In addition to singing, the members of Canzonet play Renaissance instruments including recorders, viola da gamba, flute, gittern and percussion. Canzonet takes its name from a 1593 publication by Thomas Morley: Canzonets, or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces.

Canzonet presents general concerts of Medieval and Renaissance music from years circa 1450-1610 by English and European composers.

For the holidays, Canzonet offers a selection of early Christmas carols in Latin, German and English.

Jennifer Burke, Anne Burns and Catharine Langmuir have shared their music at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Whole Foods Markets and Barnes and Noble Bookstore as well as at senior residences in the area.


Musical Instruments of the Renaissance

Anne Burns demonstrates replicas of Renaissance instruments: flute, crumhorn, shawm, fife, drum, recorder, lute, gittern and more (sometimes playing two things at once!). She plays a suitable tune on each instrument after telling a little about its history.

Audiences enjoy hearing instruments from the time of Shakespeare, Galileo and Leonardo. The Renaissance was a great time for innovation, and an array of musical instruments were developed. Many of these instruments are rarely seen today.

Anne has played for events in Michigan, and with her husband Rob Burns (as the duo A Reasonable Facsimile) she has performed in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts and the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.


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