Popular Music of the Renaissance

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Popular Music of the Renaissance
by A Reasonable Facsimile

This CD comprises the earlier albums About as Close as You Can Get and The Merry Pranks of Robin Goodfellow. You'll find street and popular music of the Renaissance (and a little later) and Elizabethan popular music for lads and lasses.


MP3 Track Title
Play Cuckolds All a Row
Play Parsons Farewell / Goddesses / Nonesuch / Once I Loved a Maiden Fair
Play When Joan's Ale Was New (VOCAL)
Play Over the Mountains (VOCAL)
Play Recercada Segunda
Play Hey Downe Downe / A Mery Ballet of the Hathorne Tre / Dargason (VOCAL)
Play Of a Number of Rats Mistaken For Devils in a Man's Slops / Grimstock / Old Mole
Play La Traditora / There's Nothing to be Had Without Money (VOCAL)
Play My Lord of Oxenfords Maske
Play See, Mine Own Sweet Jewel / Joy Doth So Arise
Play If All The World Were Paper / Step Stately (VOCAL)
Play A La Mode France / Argeers / A Soldier's Life / The Hobby Horse Dance
Play Rooster / The Contrary Wife / All In a Garden Green / Sheep of God / Rufty Tufty / A Merry Riddle / The Health

Play Sir Eglamore (VOCAL)
Play The Broom / Sellinger's Round / Hyde Park
Play Room For Company (VOCAL)
Play Branles: Horse / Peas / Official
Play Three Merry Men / Strawberry Leaves (VOCAL)
Play Tomorrow The Fox Will Come to Town (VOCAL)
Play Seldom Cleanly (VOCAL)
Play My Little Sweet Darling (VOCAL)
Play Pavan of the Battle
Play Buffons / Morris Dance
Play Pepper's Black / Wilson's Wild
Play Excerpts from The Boke of Nurture / Cheerily and Merrily
Play Prince Rupert's March / Millison's Jig
Play Tickle My Toe
Play Three Blind Mice (VOCAL)
Play Gathering Peascods
Play The Mad, Merry Pranks of Robin Goodfellow (VOCAL)

Anne Burns - Voice, cittern, recorder, 4-course guitar, 6-hole pipe, treble shawm, fife, 3-hole pipe, drum
Rob Burns - 6-hole pipe, voice, dulcimer, tambourine, bones, flute, treble shawm, 3-hole pipe, spoons, 4-course guitar, fife
Children's Chorus - Vocals

All arrangements by A Reasonable Facsimile
Recordings Copyright 1987 and 1989 by A Reasonable Facsimile
CD Copyright 1993 Second from the Bottom Records
Cover photograph by W. Patrick Hinely: Work/Play