Audio and Video Samples


All arrangements © A Reasonable Facsimile

2021 "Halftime" music:

Chi passa per sta strada-Filippo Azzaiollo, 1557 (voices, bones, guitar)
"Who passes this way and does not sigh for the love of a lady is lucky indeed. Fa la li le la!"
Ti parti cor mio caro/Saltarello Torza-Filippo Azzaiollo, 1557/Anon., ca. 1560 (dulcimer, hurdy gurdy)
Vecchie latrose-Adrian Willaert, 1545 (crumhorns)
Canzonet: El Grillo-Thomas Morley, 1595 (fifes)
Onder de Linde groene-Jacob van Eyck, 1649 (recorder, guitar)
Grimstock/The Old Mole-John Playford, 1651 (whistle, guitar)
Also watch the rest of the video with the headlining performers, the wonderful North Oakland Dixieland Band!
NOCB Dixie Band 11/13/21

2020 Parking Lot performance at library, selection:

The Fairie Round