Church and Wedding Music


Anne & Rob Burns are available to play for church services, church concert and coffeehouse series, weddings and other occasions. They can play early or folk instruments in stand-alone concerts, provide music interludes or accompany your instrumental ensemble or choir in anthems and hymns.

Music programs or supplemental music available:

Instrumentalists available:

Anne Burns- Renaissance and Baroque instruments: cittern, 4-course guitar (gittern), flute, recorder, fife, 6-hole pipe, 3-hole pipe, crumhorn, shawm; Folk instruments: pennywhistle, guitar

Rob Burns- Renaissance and Baroque instruments: recorder, flute, viola da gamba, hammered dulcimer, fife, 6-hole pipe, 3-hole pipe, crumhorn, shawm; Folk instruments: hammered dulcimer, pennywhistle

Traditional Celtic Music

Anne and Rob play traditional Celtic music (mostly Irish) on wooden flutes and pennywhistles, hammered dulcimer and guitar, and bodhran and bones. They have performed on several local coffeehouse series, on concert series, bookstores, and for numerous Celtic-themed church services. They have also provided music for plays with folk and celtic scores.

Rob is first generation Irish. He grew up hearing popular Irish songs, but first became interested in playing traditional Irish music after hearing the group, The Chieftains. In the early 80s Anne and Rob sought out local folk musicians and learned many tunes in the aural tradition. Irish music turned out to be a commonality in folk music circles when Anne and Rob travelled and performed in the U.S., so many more tunes were learned and exchanged. Anne and Rob finally visited Ireland in 1990, on the occasion of a cousin’s wedding. They had several opportunities to perform in Ireland.

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