QUILTERS Orchestra
Music for Plays

Quilters is a moving American musical celebrating the courage & spirit of our nation's pioneer women. Created block by block to reveal a legacy quilt, Quilters illustrates the stories of the American women who lived, loved, despaired and ultimately triumphed while settling the American West.

Anne and Rob Burns and friends have played in the folk orchestras of productions of Quilters at University of Michigan-Flint, Ridgedale Players (Troy), Lakeland Players (Waterford), Lake Orion High School and Birmingham Village Players.

The original folk orchestra for Quilters consisted of five musicians playing violin, cello, bass, harp, flute, pennywhistle, guitar, banjo, mandolin and hammered dulcimer. An assortment of percussion instruments were used for sound effects, including a child's toy, the "freaka," which is spun around to simulate the howling of wind.

This roster of musicians has chosen to play many of the instruments in the original score, but in keeping with the folk music tradition, have made substitutions and additions of their own. Instruments may include violin, viola da gamba, guitar, flute, pennywhistle, fretted dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, keyboard and percussion. The musicians are always looking for Quilters productions in which to play.