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Music of Shakespeare's Time

Music Brings History Alive!
For All Audiences, Grades Pre-K to 12
Lower Grades - Story with action and Renaissance music
Upper Grades - Lively demonstration of musical instruments with commentary on Renaissance society


Anne and Rob have created entertaining educational programs about the music and culture of the Renaissance, from the years approximately 1550 to 1650. The programs are targeted to specific age groups. Each program features performances of music from the time of William Shakespeare on appropriate instruments including recorders, Renaissance guitar, dulcimer, flutes, and a variety of percussion instruments. Assembly programs are approximately 45-minutes in length. Curriculum areas: History, Music, English and Social Studies.

Lower Elementary, Preschool, Family
Anne & Rob introduce young audiences to the sounds of early music and instruments through action, stories and participation. Anne and Rob play a variety of instruments including recorders, gittern, dulcimer and percussion.

Upper Elementary, Middle School, Jr High, High School
Anne and Rob show and play a lively assortment of replica Renaissance instruments, and tell about how they were used. Music selections are Renaissance songs and tunes.



Titles included:

"Renaissance Music is Out of This World"
"Renaissance Music Rocks"
"The Treasure of Captain Diggory Piper, Pirate"
"A Midsummer Night's Picnic"
"Whistle-Stop Renaissance Music Tour"
"Strike it Up, Pipers!"
"The Cat, the Rats and the Piper's Britches"
"A Little Knight Music"
"The Soap that Got Away"
"Renaissance Revels"
"Music of Shakespeare's Time"
"Shakespeare's Clown"
"What's That Rackett?"
"Pin the Tale on Shakespeare"
"Hurry Up and Wayte"
"Tomorrow the Fox Will Come to Town"
"Back to the Renaissance"
"Discover and Explore the Renaissance"
"Ms. Azaleas Presents"
"The Compleat Town Musician"
"Where are Ewe?"