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Fairs and Festivals

A Reasonable Facsimile's programs are available for summer outdoor fairs and festivals. A Reasonable Facsimile has performed on stage or strolling at festivals such as Rochester, Michigan’s Art & Apples, Paradise Michigan's Wild Blueberry Festival and SterlingFest in Sterling Heights, Michigan. For the stage shows Anne and Rob use upbeat tunes and get the audience to participate a bit. Strolling allows everyone a chance to hear and see the instruments.

For over 30 years Anne and Rob have performed Renaissance music for outdoor period fairs. Their music been heard at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Bristol Faire, Scarborough Fair, Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire and the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. A Reasonable Facsimile has enjoyed playing at the smaller fairs as well: Baycrafter’s Renaissance Fayre, Kyng’s Company Renaissance Fayre, Grand Traverse Pavilions Renaissance Fair, and others.