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Revel in the Renaissance!

A Taste of Earlier Times Through Music

Revel in the Renaissance! is a concert of festive Renaissance music representing celebrations that would have taken place in 16th century England and Europe—harvest festivals, trade fairs, coronations, weddings, royal processions, etc. Anne and Rob, as A Reasonable Facsimile, play lively tunes on their extensive collection of replicas of Renaissance instruments, and relate the music to the culture of the people who lived in the time of Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci. Revel in the Renaissance! brings the Renaissance alive and provides background to Shakespeare’s plays. Revel in the Renaissance! will delight those interested in History, Music, English Literature and Social Studies.

The focal point of Revel in the Renaissance! is the performance of music of the Renaissance on copies of period instruments. The program features recorder, lute, dulcimer, viola da gamba, shawm, crumhorn, Renaissance guitar, and a variety of percussion instruments.


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