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A Musical Program for Mixed Family Ages

What would YOU do if you discovered a relative of yours had been a pirate? Try to find his hidden treasure, of course!

Robin and Nan Piper knew that Robin's late great uncle, Diggory Piper had been a sea captain of note (in fact a popular tune was named after him), but they just learned that Captain Piper was a privateer for the Queen of England. Maybe he kept some treasure for himself! Nan, Robin and the audience try to solve the clues left by Robin's Uncle Diggory, while enjoying Renaissance music selections with a piratical theme.

In the musical story, "The Treasure of Captain Diggory Piper, Pirate," Anne and Rob Burns sing and play music on their extensive collection of replica Renaissance instruments including recorder, fife, guitar, drum. Since 1982, Anne and Rob, as A Reasonable Facsimile, have created entertaining educational programs about the music and culture of the Renaissance, from the years approximately 1550 to 1650. Shows are approximately 45-minutes in length.



Selections inspired by the tales of pirates and swashbuckling seafarers by Anne & Rob Burns as The Little Dickens Band

Anne and Rob Burns feature songs and tunes suggested by the stories of Horatio Hornblower, Jacky “Bloody Jack” Faber, Jack Sparrow, and others set in the changing times that have launched so many imaginative books and films–the Golden Age of Piracy, the American Revolution, and the heyday of the British Royal Navy. This rollicking, rolling music of the high seas and lowlands will set your foot tapping. But don’t rock the boat!

"Music From Davy Jones' Locker" premiered at the Detroit Institute of Arts to an audience of mixed ages.









Pippin, the pirate. There are no animals in our shows, but we thought this was a cute picture. We made Pippin dress up in this silly costume. She was supposed to look like Captain Jack Sparrow!

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